Amazingly Creative Ideas to Organize Your Craft Room

Amazingly Creative Ideas to Organize Your Craft Room

Do you have a messy and disorganized craft room?

Craft paint bottles everywhere. Glitters and stickers all over the floor. Buttons, fabric, pieces of vinyl, and ribbons in every corner.

But somehow, as someone who loves crafts, you feel this freedom to be creative and true to who you are, in the messiness of your craft room.

In that mess, there is identity, beauty, and fun!

This is what a craft room should be – a place that sparks your creativity, a place where you are free to explore ideas.

However, an overly messy place can overwhelm you, and take the beauty and fun that is supposed to be there.

You don’t have to let that happen. With the help of these creative ideas, you can organize your craft room and make it even more beautiful and inspiring!

That being said, here are the organization ideas for your craft room. Enjoy!

1. Use Lotsa Style Mini Trash Can to keep your craft materials.

There are many ways you can use this mini trash can. One of that is keeping your craft supplies or use it as your trash bin in your desk.

From @craftboxgirls


From @becca_plans

From @studio204_


2. Use Lotsa Style Multipurpose Holder to keep your crayons or pens (scissors or rulers!) in a separate holder.

Don’t you just love it when those craft tools are so neatly arranged?

Crayon/Pen holders keep these colors upright. And when it’s displayed like this, it’s so inviting, especially for those little hands who can’t keep but touch them!

From @thatmrsmiller

From @flybytheseaofyourplans


3. Hang small mason jars on a shelf.

This one uses jars too, but with a twist. Instead of just placing the jars on a shelf, the covers are stuck under it! 

The jars are pretty small. So this is so perfect for those teeny weeny art materials you have!

Just twist the jar to get some supplies, and twist the jar again to put it back in place.

From @poofycheeks


4. Install a few crates on the wall.

These crates work just like shelves. It’s just that they look really unique and creative.

Just look at how organized the sewing supplies are in these crates!

From My life and Kids