3 Easy and Beautiful Ways to Make Over Your Bedroom This Weekend

3 Easy and Beautiful Ways to Make Over Your Bedroom This Weekend

The weekend is what we look for every day. We plan a lot when the weekend comes. You can take a road trip, watch Netflix whole day, or give your master bedroom a total refresh.

Transforming your bedroom doesn't take a massive overhaul—it can be as simple as adding in some fresh blooms or as game-changing as getting a new home decor.

Whether you've got one day or one hour to spare this weekend, any (or all!) of the below ideas will help you create a beautiful bedroom that you can't wait to get home to.

Make an accent wall

Nope, you don't need to get your eyes checked. This removable wallpaper that's made to look like real wood planking gives you the same finish at a fraction of the price. Bonus: You'll finish applying it with plenty of time left for a long hot bath.


Change your pillows

Your chosen set of throw pillows gives your bed a little extra personality. The key is choosing various sizes, textures, and patterns, but staying within the same color scheme and style.


Add a vanity space

Even your five-minute weekday beauty routine will seem more glam when you're looking into a vintage-inspired vanity. Top it with all of the essentials, plus a few flea market accessories, such as antique brushes and perfume bottles. Perfect to place your Lotsa Style Mini Trash Can here for your makeup brushes or beauty essentials.