UV DTF Printer Bundle

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UV DTF (Ultraviolet Direct to Film) printer bundle

*with vacuum platform*


This is a 2-in-1 UV flatbed printer - Print on A film then transfer (UV DTF printing) OR print direct on objects (direct to substrate printing)


Expand your business and venture into UV DTF printing! Be one of the first to introduce this next big thing to your customers. They will love this level of customization without investing a large amount and quantity to meet MOQ (minimum order quantity) set by traditional label makers.

This technology is a game changer! Videos of these crystal stickers are trending all over social media. They stick easily on any hard and curved surfaces, even under water and they lasts! They are 3D embossed and have a gloss finish.

UV DTF printing is versatile due to the type of surfaces the designs can go on, such as metal, leather, wood, paper, plastic, ceramic, glass, etc.

Also print directly on phone case, pvc card, power bank, company promotional item, corporate gift and many more




Double use - Print on A film then transfer (UV DTF printing) OR print direct on objects (UV printing / direct to substrate printing)

For non-flat objects such as bottles, a rotary platen is required)

Prints both light and dark surfaces

Self Clean - Automated print head cleaning system

Compatibility - For use in countries with 110V-220V. No need for an adaptor or converter to get proper voltage

Consistency in printing - Stable and reliable system for the long run

Worry-free - Minimal maintenance and there is no need to shake white ink



1. UV Printing / direct to substrate



2. UV DTF Printing / direct to film




Brand new UV DTF printer with vacuum platform plus FREE

    • 16.9oz (500ml) x 1 each of  the following: UV DTF Ink Refill C Y M K Wh + Varnish (UP $290)
    • 16.9oz (500ml) x 1 bottle of Cleaning Solution (UP $30)
    • 3.4oz (100ml) x 1 bottle of Moisturizing Liquid for printhead protection(UP $15)
    • A/B film set (UP $170)
      • 20 sheets A film A3 size (30cm x 40 cm)
      • 1 roll of B film A3 size (30cm x 100 m)
    • 1 software (UP $245)
    • Easy to follow step-by-step videos to help to get started, test print to get the optimal print quality and how to maintain your printer (UP $100)
    • 1 x $50 voucher your next purchase


    ~ $800+ total value


    OPTIONAL ADD-ON (Recommended)

    • Roll to roll Laminator Machine to stick A film with B film


    • Rotary platen to print cylindrical objects




    White Ink Circulation System

    This "mix and circulate" system prevents white ink clog and sedimentation. Overall, color output is more stable and longer-lasting


    This unique vacuum platform has suction that keeps film secure in position when printing occurs. No more need of sticky tapes to hold films down.


    This Self Cleaning System auto cleans the print head for excess ink at a regular interval to keep it clean and free of clog making them last longer.


    Cooling System

    2 Overheating prevention system - rapid water cooling system and air cooling system


    Infrared Sensors

    These sensors detect the distance between the platform and print head to prevent any collision when the platform is raised for printing


    Multi Function Panel

    English panel to operate your printer with one touch operation


    " Amazing UV DTF printer bundle, and their after-sales service is top notch. Well done" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐-- Summer D.


    Achieve best results with our 1. UV DTF ink and 2. A / B film




    We are confident in the quality of our printers. Even before they are shipped out of our factory, we run numerous tests on them with our UV DTF ink and A / B film.

    There is minimal maintenance required but it is recommended to print at least once a week and clean the print head when necessary. Depending on usage, the printhead and ink system undergo wear and tear over time. Therefore, it is recommended to replace them after one year of use.


    Tested prior to shipping


    *one year limited warranty for the laminator*

    - read before purchase




    We provide 2 year technical support via email and will respond within 24 hours. For more complicated issues, our English-speaking technical expert will be able to assist you over video call online.

    You will be able to get quick answers to any questions you have on our Facebook group where you will find most of your help from people who might be experiencing the same issues you have. In addition, there will be opportunities to connect and learn from other users in this private community. 



    Dual printhead XP600 Piezo electric


    Application sys:
    Windows only

    Max Print Res:
    2880 x 720 dpi (max 16 pass)

    Print Speed:
    6 to 8 min per sheet

    Max Film Size:



    (kindly allow handling and shipping time of 4-5 weeks)


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