DTF L1800 Printer

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5-system DTF (Direct to Film) printer  

Is your lucrative printing business expanding? Many people are experiencing booming sales in this global situation.

Or are you currently into sublimation and vinyl printing, and want to venture into DTF printing without the hassle of having to modify a printer from scratch?

If you ask yourself, "Where do I even start?" we have the answer. Whether you are an individual or a business owner, Lotsa Style DTF Printer is the perfect choice for you to get off to a great start in DTF printing.

Say no to endless scrolling on your social media and watching numerous YouTube videos to find the best solution for you to kick start your DTF printing journey. In the end, you will be more and more confused and exhausted from all the information overload.



100% converted - Save time and stress on endless online research

Numerous tests - Run prints with our DTF Ink, Transfer Film and Powder to ensure excellent quality  

Compatibility - For use in countries with 110V-220V. No need for an adaptor or converter to get proper voltage

Consistency in printing - Stable and reliable system for the long run

Metal body - Stronger and resistant to knocks
Worry-free - Minimal maintenance and there is no need to shake white ink




Fully converted L1800 5-system DTF printer with an external ink tank system and film exit tray PLUS FREE LOTSA STYLE PRODUCTS

    • 8.5oz (250ml) x 5 DTF Ink Refill C Y M K Wh - 1 bottle of each color (UP $140)
    • A3/A3+ DTF Transfer Film 100 sheets (For Sheet Feeder) (UP $80) / 1 A3/A3+ Roll (For Roll Feeder) (UP $119)
    • 500 g of DTF powder (UP $29)
    • 250ml x 1 bottle of Cleaning Solution (UP $15)
    • 100ml x 1 bottle of Moisturizing Liquid for printhead protection with syringe (UP $15)
    • 1 software (UP $65)
    • Easy to follow step-by-step videos to help to get started, test print to get the optimal print quality and how to maintain your printer (UP $100)

    FREE ~ $460-500+ total value

    This printer prints up to A3 plus size (13 x 19 in). When you make your order, please leave us a note if you would like us to set it up INITIALLY as A3 or A3 plus. If you do not specify, we will set it up as A3 (you can change the size from A3 to A3+ and vice versa yourself anytime)





    *** The Economy model does not come with the cooling system ***





    White Ink Circulation System

    Say no to regular ink shaking. This "mix and circulate" system ensures white ink clog and sedimentation. Overall, color output is more stable and longer-lasting




      Built-in heating system on the output tray dries ink faster to ensure better ink adhesion and curing and prevent ink-bleeding when placed under a low-temperature environment



    This Constant Pressure System ensures ink pressure is constantly flowing at a consistent rate so that there is no ink clog and ink "starvation"
    Overheating prevention system which pulls heat away then gets blown away by a fan (not available on the Economy model)
    An automatic stirring device designed just for the white ink to prevent white sediment from sinking to the bottom of the ink tank






    " The best deal I've found. It is effortless to use after a few simple setups. After-sales service is incredible! " ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐-- Jeff P.





    We are confident in the quality of our printers. Even before they are shipped out of our factory, we run numerous tests on them with our DTF ink, film, and powder.

    There is minimal maintenance required but it is recommended to print at least once a week and clean the print head when necessary. Do take note of common issues such as clogging and paper feeding. Low room temperature will not be an issue as our printer comes with a built-in heating system. Do keep your printer in a room with humidity above 40%.

    Depending on usage, the printhead and ink system undergo wear and tear over time. Therefore, it is recommended to replace them after one year of use.




    - please read before purchasing



    We provide one year technical support via email and will respond within 24 hours. For more complicated issues, our English-speaking technical expert will be able to assist you over video call online.

    You will be able to get quick answers to any questions you have on our Facebook group where you will find most of your help from people who might be experiencing the same issues you have. In addition, there will be opportunities to connect and learn from other users in this private community. 




    Application system:
    Windows only


    Maximum Print Resolution:

    5760 x 1440 dpi (with Variable-Sized Droplet Tech)


    Print Speed:

    6 to 8 min per sheet

    Paper Sizes:

    A3+, A3




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