Mini Holder / Multi Use Storage Organizer

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" It’s small and lightweight so I move it around to wherever I’m crafting.! "
-- Kelsey @


SIMPLY NO MORE MESS – Upgrade your lifestyle and live like a queen. Let this loyal servant stay by your side so that you can enjoy a clean and tidy surrounding all the time. Enjoy the feeling of peace around you with a well organized environment.

LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE – You'll be asking "where have you been all my life?". This servant is pleasing to the eye and will only ask you for a small space to work for you. Get a couple more to serve you in each and every room you have.

POWER UP – Time is money! Increase your productivity by not spending time to find your missing item or tool you need. Unleash your creativity 100% when you get organized. Suddenly your mind has space to think, explore and grow!

HIGH QUALITY, LOW MAINTENANCE – Once a while, you may want to give it a wipe. Just use a clean damp cloth. Doll it up with stickers or vinyls and put a smile on your face :)

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Use it once, and we guarantee you'll be happy forever after. If not, simply reach out to us and we will handle your case as best as we can make sure that you are smiling.



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Lotsa Style's Mini Holder is cute and compact and is perfect for keeping all kinds of accessories neat and organized. You will be surprised of how many items it can hold and keep. Perfect for all your office desk accessories and supplies such as sticky notes, pens and pencils, scissors, paper clips, markers, erasers, rulers, glue, staplers and so on. Also suitable for DIY, art and craft, study, living room to keep your items neat and tidy such as craft tools, pens and brushes, scissors, wires and earpiece, handphones and remote controls. They are made of plastic material which is waterproof and easy to clean

This product measures 6.9 x 4.1 x 4 inch (17.5 x 10.5 x 10.2 cm)