TWICE Tzuyu's Trash Can concert merch sells out 3 times

TWICE Tzuyu's Trash Can concert merch sells out 3 times

Original Article from Allkpop


TWICE's Tzuyu has once again proven her popularity when the concert merchandise that she designed sells out not just once, but thrice!

 Twice's Tzuyu


When JYP Entertainment announced TWICE's special merchandise for their World Tour this year, Tzuyu's self-designed trash bin with the quote “Throw your negative energy here" caught everyone's attention. Netizens, especially their fans, thought it was both funny and interesting.


When the first pre-order notice was posted, the said concert merch sold out immediately.

JYP Entertainment posted a second pre-order notice and once again, it sold out quickly.

During the concert proper where all the official merch were made available, Tzuyu's trash bin was also the first to sell completely, making it the third time to be sold out.

TWICE has just recently finished the first leg of their World Tour and have several more stops in the next coming months. More and more fans are hyped to get their hands on the popular merch.


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