Top 5 Best Selling Crafts that Make (the MOST) Money

Top 5 Best Selling Crafts that Make (the MOST) Money

Everyone can start a craft business, but unfortunately, not all craft businesses make good money. So, in this article, I will share the usual easy crafts to begin with and make money.


  • Personalized Pet Tags

Pet Tags are one of the best-selling items on Etsy. People love personalized items and love spending money on their pets, so any customized pet items you create will do great. Also, the DIY pet tags are excellent because they're small and affordable to ship. Tip: Homemade pet treats can be a profitable craft!


  • Soaps and Bath Bombs

Making soap may not be as profitable initially, and there is a cap on how much the consumer is willing to spend for a bar of soap, a bottle of lotion, or a jar of bath salts. However, it will make money if you persevere.


Bath bombs are popular, so there's a guaranteed sale here. However, keep in mind that there is quite a bit of competition nowadays with homemade bath bombs. To be successful, you'll have to find a way to stand out!


  • Jewelry

If you like to work with beads, expensive and inexpensive stones, charms, metals, or more unique materials like rope, leather, resin, and more, there's a demand for every fashion of jewelry you want to make.


You can buy materials and essential jewelry-making equipment relatively cheaply at crafts stores. Use these essential items to design. At this stage, you can try to ask your family and friends to wear your accessories and provide reviews about their comfort, the integrity or strength of the construction, and any other helpful information.


  • Candles

Candles are typical in every home, and for a good reason – they're relaxing, they smell good, and they look nice too. They also make excellent gifts. Unfortunately, most store-bought candles aren't always filled with the best ingredients, so many look for natural candles online instead.


Luckily, crafting up your candles is beautiful, inexpensive, and straightforward, and you can also add your scents and colors.


  • Stationery and greeting cards

If you have a skill for lettering, illustration, and calligraphy, and you're interested in the printing process, consider placing your unique skill set to use as a stationary and greeting card designer. 


When starting, you can likely print your work with an inkjet printer. But eventually, you'll need to find a reliable printer who can print your designs in larger volumes. 


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