Tips for Setting up a Craft Room

Tips for Setting up a Craft Room

There are several home design ideas to consider when designating a space devoted solely to the pursuit of crafts. Make sure to think about the following points when establishing your work area.

Is the room big enough for your needs? Does it have enough space for you to work comfortably plus enough space for your tools and supplies? Does this room have privacy? Your area should be away from the active spaces of your home. You will need a quiet place to think and come up with creative ideas. This space will be your creative studio!


Find the Right Work Table for You

The most crucial piece of furniture necessary for a craft room is a big, sturdy work table. The surface should have plenty of room for you to spread your materials and supplies out comfortably. You should be able to work efficiently, and with comfort, Creativity does not flow in areas that are small and cramped.


Find the Right Shelves and Splurge on Them

Shelving units, both open and closed, are essential for the craft room. Keep your most often used crafting supplies on the open shelves in plain view, and store less often used art supplies and tools behind closed doors. You can never have too many shelves in a craft room. Crafters love to stock up on good crafting supply deals.

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Get a Pegboard and Hooks

A pegboard mounted on a wall near your craft table is an incredibly useful addition to your craft room. Use hooks to store your art tools on the board and never have to deal with disorganization and frustration, searching for a needed tool.


Get a Chair With Wheels

An office chair with wheels comes in very handy! There will be times when you want to move to an area and not leave your seat. Some might view this as incredibly lazy, but trust us; you will appreciate your chair with wheels when immersed in a craft project.


Get a Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards are handy for pinning to-do lists, photos, inspirations, bills and a host of other papers. Decorate your bulletin board with fabric or paper to coordinate with the rest of your craft room decor if you so desire!


Consider Your Lighting Needs

Lighting is an important consideration, especially if you have a basement craft room. Halogen task lighting which mimics natural light is easy on your eyesight and makes sewing, painting, and drawing much more enjoyable.


Find the Right Countertop Trash Can

You should have a perfect countertop trash can. You should be able to work neatly and organize, Lotsa Style Mini Trash Can is perfect coz it didn’t take up a lot of space on your desk but also didn’t hold a stinky smell of garbage. 

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