5 Travel Hacks For Your Next Road Trip Without Giving You Migraine

5 Travel Hacks For Your Next Road Trip Without Giving You Migraine

When it comes to family, we know that there is nothing better and nothing more important. And when you and your family decide to go on a vacation, being prepared to pack the kids efficiently and effectively is very important. Travel with kids is hard enough as it is, with long waits, trying to keep everyone happy, and dealing with those crazy travel expenses.

Traveling with kids… between the countless bathroom stops and dodging the “are we there yet?”, no wonder simply thinking about the trip exhausts you.  You desperately need some family road trip hacks.

Mini Trash Can

You’ve seen pictures of crazy back seats, yes?  One thing that drives me crazy is when my kids leave trash when they get out of the car.

Problem solved.  For this trip, I bought a Mini Trash Can with Lid from Lotsa Style and lined it with a plastic bag.  The trash won’t spill because the lid snaps on and now my kids always have a place to stow their trash – other than on the floor. This is one of my favorite travel hacks for parents. 

Trays for Eating

Buy any plastic trays to put their foods while eating. They work perfectly for eating in the car and are one of my favorite travel hacks for tweens!  They get to eat in the car and you get no french fries on your floor. 

DIY First Aid Kit

Something we always forget!  Grab a plastic bag and pack it with:

  • band-aids
  • antiseptic spray
  • Ibuprofen (both the adult and kid versions)

You’ll be prepared for any minor cuts or scrapes.

Packing Travel Snacks

Pack one of these storage bags in your suitcase and one for the car.  Now, you never have to deal with “hangry” family members again. You can buy these at Lotsa Style, 3 Pack Reusable Silicone Tritan Food Storage Bag. It is guaranteed airtight and leakproof. 


DVD Coloring Case

Another awesome mess-free car activity.  Make your own art case that houses paper and colored pencils in one convenient place.  Take this with you into restaurants for instant entertainment while waiting for your food.