How to Start Your Own Craft Blog

How to Start Your Own Craft Blog

Do you want to create a craft blog? 

How about starting your very own blog for you to share your creative projects? You're always thinking that 'I could do this' or seeing how you can make extra money or go full time by creating your blog.

Let's get started on your blog, share your passion, and it could very well generate full-time earnings for you one day.


Step 1: You will need a name / Deciding your niche

Buy a domain name so that it will look more professional. First, decide on your blog's name. For example, you can use your name as your brand domain. Next, consider your niche and think about who you enjoy writing for as you brainstorm. And consider these tips:


Shorter names are easier to remember. If your name is unique and short, you can use the same one across all your social media accounts. 

Research your concepts to see if they are already in use or near matches. Also, study your blog name and see if it is unique on social media—especially Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Consider a name that will expand with your business. When you start your blog, consider a more generic name so that when you expand your niche, you don't need to change your domain name.

You might like to use your very own name. The only thing is to make sure it hasn't been used before. 


Step 2: Choose a Platform

There are free for starters like Blogspot,, and, but they limit the number of design modifications you can make.

A quick search online will offer you hundreds of blogging platforms (both free and paid) to prefer from. is the latest in the industry for blogs, and it is regularly updated. There are thousands of articles on using, and the number of themes and plugins is increasing.


Step 3: Pick a Domain and Hosting

There are many various hosting options, but we suggest Bluehost. For starters, it is a perfect choice.

After choosing your domain name, you'll like to head over to Bluehost and get started. You can purchase a website host for only $3.49 per month through Bluehost, and Bluehost also offers you a FREE domain registration for a year!


Step 4: Learn to write creatively and professionally

Google on how to improve your writing skills or take an online course for free or for a small fee and strengthen your copywritng skills.


Step 5: Brainstorm your first ten contents

We highly recommend publishing at least ten creative posts on your blog to start with.

What types of DIY projects and crafts do you enjoy making? Start there. Is there a holiday arriving up in the next couple of months? Do you want to decorate for the holidays and create unique crafts for them?


Step 6: Learn how to take great photos

Pictures will make or break a DIY or craft blog. You don't need to have a fancy or high-end camera or have the best indoor lighting to take amazing photographs, though. Start with a low budget.


Step 7: Create an Etsy account

Link your blog to your Etsy store and sell your crafts to your customers. Subscribe to youtube channels where entrepreneur share how to be successful selling on Etsy.


Step 8: Research on other people's blog

Type your niche in google and see which blog comes up on the first page of results. Then, takes. Take your time to learn how they write their content and see which articles are most popular.