How to make the Basic Knit Stitch

How to make the Basic Knit Stitch
What you need:
  • A yarn of your choice.
  • Needles matching the bulk of your yarn (check the label). Beginners should start with single-pointed needles to prevent the stitches from slipping off from the other end.

The knit stitch is the most classic stitch of them all, very easy to learn, fast to knit and very versatile.


This version is very popular in Germany and Eastern Europe. It’s a very fast method where you can keep a pretty good tension on the yarn. I also feel this puts the least strain on your joints.

Step 1: Start by casting on however many stitches you need for your project. 

Step 2: Pick up the working needle with the cast-on stitches with your right hand. Then, wrap the working yarn around the pinky finger of your left hand clockwise two times.

Step 3: Bring the working yarn across the back of your hands and let it rest on the last knuckle of your index finger.

Step 4: Pick up the working needle with your left hand, keeping your index finger straight. Change the angle of your index finger until there is a nice tension on the yarn. Pull the tail of the working yarn, if things are a bit too lose yet.

Step 5: Pick up the remaining needle with your right hand. Keep the tension on the working yarn.

Step 6: Insert the right needle into the first loop from the left. Wiggle the needle a bit around, if the loop is a bit too tight (but don’t overdo).

Step 7: Wrap the right needle around the working yarn (the one around your index finger) from above (counter-clockwise).

Step 8: Pull the yarn through the cast-on loop. You can use the tip of your middle finger to prevent the yarn from slipping off from the left needle as you pull it through. Don’t cramp your fingers, keep a nice tension on the yarn and things will be easier.

Step 9: Slip the first stitch from your left needle (I use my middle finger to push the work towards the tip and then pull the stitch off with the right needle).

And just like that, you knitted your first knit stitch.

Step 10: Now, insert the right needle into the second loop from the left and repeat steps 6-9 until you are at the end of the row.

Step 11: Turn the work, bring the yarn to the back again, and continue knitting.