How to Make Money with Vinyl Cutter

How to Make Money with Vinyl Cutter

Vinyl is the perfect material for Cricut business sellers. Its relatively inexpensive, lightweight, and super easy to ship, and most importantly, there are so many things you can make.

Wall Art

The possibilities are endless here. Even with Fixer Upper the show not currently airing, farmhouse wall decor is still going strong. There are more than half a million searches on Pinterest monthly for farmhouse wall art. Don’t miss out on the actions.


Customized Decals

Customized stickers are great because they apply for so many end uses from parties to home decor. When you offer customized service, it’s differentiation that the bigger retailers cannot compete with.


Kids Related Wall Decals

Kids related decorating happens all year round. From nurseries to birthday parties to baby showers, there is a never-ending need for baby and kids decor.



Similar in vein to vinyl decals, stickers are a hot item both because of the customization possibilities and their shipping costs (as in it doesn’t cost much).


Paper Flowers

Just like farmhouse decor, the popularity of paper flowers is at an all-time high with more than half a million searches for it on Pinterest each month. They are great for all occasions from Mother’s Day to Weddings to Baby Showers. No wonder they so in demand.


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