How To Get People To Buy What You Make

How To Get People To Buy What You Make

You should have a GOOD pictures. You want to make your pictures look like something they want to buy. A poorly lit picture of your shirt on your table isn’t going to do the trick. I like to stage my pictures on a white table top, or vinyl backdrop and add some extras to the picture so buyers can visualize themselves with the item.

If you’re selling shirts, maybe add some jeans and shoes to the pick. Selling onesies? Add moccasins or a stuffed animal to the picture.

You can also use stock photos , or flat lays, and add your SVG to the design. Just make sure that what you are creating matches the stock photo. For example, if you’re using a stock image of a shirt and it’s a Bella+Canvas shirt, make sure you are using Bella+Canvas shirts. You can purchase flat lay photos in a ton of different varieties from Etsy. 

What To Make To Sell With Your Cricut

If you have no ideas of what you want to make, ask friends and family what things they would like to buy. You can also look in the Facebook Marketplace or Yard Sale Groups to see what people are looking to purchase (look for ISO posts).



Image: CTTO