Fun & Creative DIY Paint Chip Calendar

Fun & Creative DIY Paint Chip Calendar

You’ll never have to buy a calendar again with this artwork made out of paint swatches or chips. This DIY project is super easy to make and will look perfect on any wall − in your kids’ room (or yours) or your office.

This also makes a great DIY home decor since it’s eye-catching and colorful. Read on and learn to make this colorful and convenient DIY paint chip art calendar below.

What You’ll Need for this Calendar Tutorial:

  • 1 large 12″ x 16″ picture frame
  • 35 paint swatches/paint chips (variety of colors)
  • scotch tape
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • dry-erase marker

Paint Chip Calendar Instructions

Step 1: Calendar Background

Open the frame and take out the paper (picture) inside. The blank side would make the perfect background for your calendar.

Next, measure a piece of the paint chip and cut it into a 3 and a quarter inches on each side square.

Step 2: More Paint Chip Squares

The other paint chips should be about the same size as the first one you made. Now continue cutting until you have 35 squares.

Step 3: Arrange the Squares

Layout and affix the paint swatches to the board. Arrange them by placing 5 squares for each day.

You can try different combinations or mixtures of colors.

Make sure you cut scraps into rectangles to label the days of the week at the top of your calendar. You can secure them on your background paper by rolling a piece of scotch tape at the back of each paint chip and sticking them firmly and you’re good to go!

Step 4: Back Inside the Frame

Once it’s secured, place it inside the frame. Make sure the paint chips are facing down on the glass.

The next step will show you why the frame is very important in this DIY art.

Step 5: Label your Calendar

Finally, take your dry-erase marker and label your calendar. The glass of the frame acts like a dry-erase board so you can customize your calendar and change it every month!

And you’re done!

There you have it! You’ve just finished your cool DIY project − fun and colorful paint chip calendar!