Essential Craft Room Must Haves

Essential Craft Room Must Haves

If you're setting your craft room together, you're looking for craft room concepts on a budget, or it's time to glam up your craft room, this list of craft room must-haves will inspire you to organize a space where you can relax and create some of your most promising projects.


It should be no wonder that there are particular items you must have in your craft room to make it a productive, happy place.


Storage Cart

Storage carts are all the popularity now. They are perfect for putting your Cricut machine on, your printer, paint, pens, and other craft supplies.

The fantastic thing about these storage carts is that you can take them into whatever room you are crafting in, moving your craft supplies from one room to another super easy! Excellent storage is essential for your craft room.

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Pegboard Wall

A pegboard is the most versatile thing you can have in your craft room. You can make it colorful and full of your favorite items. It's a beautiful starting point for craft storage, too — great for hanging your Cricut tools, washi tape, scissors, and so much more. There's no limit to the various styles you can make with your pegboard. 

Mini Holder with 2 Clear Drawers

Are you looking for the perfect organizer for all those hooks and notions? This organizer is small but mighty - seriously! It takes up very little space, which I am all about, but it also holds everything you need in one place.


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Mini Trash Can Bold Edition

This is one of the essential must-have mini trash cans! It's the perfect size for your craft desk. If you work with paper, vinyl, or any other kind of material that creates a mess, this little desktop trash can is exactly what you need to help keep your workspace tidy! Plus, you can customize it to whatever you want!


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Scrapbook Paper Stacking Tray

These stacking trays fit perfectly in some cubbies and make your room looks fresh out of a real crafts store. Organize your scrapbook paper by color and pattern for an adorable and bright collection.



Spacious Desk

We just love this artfully arranged craft space with a large work table at the center. It gives a well-defined flow to the room and makes us want to get down to business.




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