DTF printing technology is the most advanced DIY idea that you'll love

DTF printing technology is the most advanced DIY idea that you'll love

When you see some beautiful and dynamic designs printed on some clothes or handbags in our daily lives, have you ever wondered how these designs get printed onto them? 

Direct to Film or DTF printing is the latest technology accessible to individuals to set up a printing business at the comfort of their home.

It provides a more advanced alternative to the now-archaic methods of DTG printing, screen printing or sublimation.

DTF printing allows anyone to print on both dark and light t-shirts. The materials include cotton, polyester, all kind of blends, leather, nylon, and so on.

With the improvement in DTF technology, there is no denying that DTF printing is taking the industry by storm. It is spontaneously becoming one of the most successful technologies for textile printing compared to standard printing methods.


How DTF works

DTF works by printing transfers that are heat pressed to different garments. DTG technology only works on cotton fabrics, and sublimation works on polyester. DTF printing is also preferred because they are affordable and expect no pre-treatment. For quality results, you will need Lotsa Style DTF powder, DTF film and DTF Ink.


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With the advancement in DTF technology, it is easily one of the most popular technologies for textile printing in the market right now.