DIY Watermelon Stickers

DIY Watermelon Stickers

These stickers are made from those solid colored circle stickers found in just about every office supply cabinet. 



Office labels
Permanent black felt tip pen
Gift box tool
White card stock
Cutting mat
Double sided tape



  1. Cut out a gift box using the gift box tool 
  2. Before removing the labels from the paper backing, cut them in half. Place the green labels randomly around the outside of the cut out gift box. Place the red, pink, or yellow labels on top, slightly higher than the green labels so it looks like there’s a little bit of watermelon rind showing.
  3. Use the black felt tip pen to dot the melons to give the appearance of tiny seeds. Assemble the gift box and use double sided tape to close one edge. Fill it with whatever fun summer treats you like and then close up the other end. Finish with some cute ribbon or twine.


What would you add these cute watermelon stickers too?

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