DIY Kids Crafts You Can Make In Under An Hour

DIY Kids Crafts You Can Make In Under An Hour

An hour or less is all you need to get these DIY kids crafts done. So, for your boring little ones, these are perfect indeed!

1. Pipe Cleaner Crafts

If you’re looking for easy craft ideas for kids to make at home, they’ll love these fun DIY crafts with pipe cleaners for sure! Little girls can be princesses with a DIY crown and little boys can make a hungry caterpillar.


2. Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

Did you know your kids can do tons of fun stuff with toilet paper rolls? The next time you go to throw away all those used TP rolls, think twice about DIY kids crafts your children could be making.


3. DIY Slime Recipes

Let your budding scientist create one or all these fun DIY slime recipes. Once done, let them have a one of kind experience they’ll surely treasure for years to come! This is a great souvenir for children’s birthday parties, too.


4. Fun Handprint Canvas Art Ideas

These are perfect art and DIY kids crafts, especially toddlers. Help their imagination soar with what animal or insect they can come up with using their own prints.


Start making these DIY projects with your little ones!