DIY Christmas Decors to Turn Your Home Into a Winter Wonderland

DIY Christmas Decors to Turn Your Home Into a Winter Wonderland

There is something in particular about the Christmas season that just makes you need to get crafty, regardless of whether that is accomplishing something as basic as simple as cutting out a few paper snowflakes to hold tight the window or setting aside the effort to assemble a detailed gingerbread house to serve as a centerpiece.

1) Decorative Ceramic Plates

Take any Christmas design or character that you like and paint it on a set of white and red ceramic plates, and voila! You have a gorgeous wall decoration. You can even paint mugs and cups to have your unique set of Christmas kitchen essentials.


2) Striking Star Ornament

Though technically an ornament, this simple craft could go anywhere in the house as a Christmas decoration. All you need is a box of matches and some cardboard.


3) Holiday Card Display

Grab some baker's twine and clothespins to make this adorable, easy holiday decoration. And the best part? You can take the holiday cards down and use the display all year long to hang up anything you want!


4) Dangling Star Ornaments

These ornaments are a kid-friendly DIY project to work on with the whole family. It feels similar to baking cookies, but instead of edible treats you'll end up with these fun accessories for your tree. They'll certainly last longer than cookies.


5) Fabric Wreath and String Snowballs

These DIY whimsical decorations instantly add holiday cheer to your home. Hang the colorful wreath on a wall, and bring a side table to life by placing a bowl of these snowballs atop it.