Direct to Film (DTF) Printer and maintenance

Direct to Film (DTF) Printer and maintenance

If you are new to DTF printing, you might have heard of the difficulties of maintaining a DTF printer. The main reason is the DTF inks that tend to clog the printer printhead if you do not use the printer regularly. In particular, DTF uses white ink, which clogs very quickly.


What is white ink?


DTF white ink is applied to create a base for the colors of your design, and it is later bonded with DTF adhesive powder during the curing process. They must be thick enough to create a decent base yet thin enough to pass through the printhead. It contains titanium oxide and settles at the bottom of the ink tank when not in use. Therefore they need to be shaken regularly.


Also, they will cause the printhead to be clogged easily when the printer is not used regularly. It will also cause damage to the ink lines, dampers, and capping station. 


How to prevent white ink clog?


It would help if you shook the white ink tank gently now and then to prevent the titanium oxide from settling. The best way is to have a system that automatically circulates the white ink, so you save the hassle of doing so manually. If you convert a regular printer to a DTF printer, you can buy parts online, such as a a small motor to regularly pump the white inks.


However, if not done correctly, you risk clogging and drying out the printhead leading to damage that can lead to expensive repairs. You might even need to replace the printhead and motherboard, which can cost a lot.


Lotsa Style DTF Printer


We recommend getting a fully converted DTF printer that might cost you more initially but save you money and effort in the long run. There are many videos online on converting a regular printer to a DTF printer yourself, but we suggest you get it done by a professional.


At Lotsa Style, we have three models of DTF printers to choose from. They come with a white ink circulation system, constant pressure system, and mixing system for your white inks, preventing all the problems we mentioned earlier. As a result, manual maintenance will be minimal, and you can focus on getting the best prints for you and your customers.


Our DTF printer bundle comes which a one-year limited warranty as well as video instructions to help you set up your printer when you receive it. In addition, you will also be in touch with our technical staff which will help you should you face any problems. We will also teach you how to perform regular print head cleaning if required and special maintenance to prevent inks from drying out if you need to stop using your printer for several days.


Do check out Lotsa Style DTF Supplies, including our premium DTF ink refill, DTF adhesive powder, and DTF transfer film.