Decluttering: How to have a Minimalist Bedroom

Decluttering: How to have a Minimalist Bedroom

Minimalist bedrooms have sleek interiors with clean lines, contemporary furniture, and solid colors. If you want to be a neat person, putting away clothes and shoes and making your bed is second nature to you. If you aren't, keeping your bedroom clutter-free is a big challenge. Choosing a minimalist style for your bedroom implies that you prefer to live in an environment without any mess, and this is reflected through your choice of furniture and materials.



Back to Basics

Make a list of all the furniture that is essential in your room. If a bed, wardrobe, dressing table, mirror, and chair are your basic essentials in the room, evaluate these items of furniture first. Think about whether you really use all these items; if you don’t, remove them from your list. If your bathroom mirror is more convenient to use, remove the dressing table from the list. On the contrary, if you find yourself leaving your books on the floor, you’ll need to add bedside tables to your list.


Ask yourself whether you still like your existing furniture. If you do, think about whether it fits in with your minimalist ideal. Keep the floor area as open as possible without too much furniture. Having shelves cantilevered from the wall instead of sitting on the floor gives the illusion of more space and less clutter. Choose furniture that you like, bearing in mind that you want it to blend into the background, not stand out.


Electrical cables are usually the first things you see if the rest of the room is tidy. Frequent use of laptops, tablets and mobile phones means that we usually have multiple chargers and cables lying around. We can't store them away if they are in constant use, so think of innovative ways to integrate them into the room. Run cables along baseboards and paint them the same color so that they blend in. Have accessible storage next to the sockets so that they can be tidied away as soon as they have been used. Dedicate one set of sockets for recharging so that there aren't cables lying around the entire room.


As much as you want to declutter your space, it’s essential for the room to still fully function as a bedroom. To keep the minimalist look, every object in the room has to have a place where it can be both stored and easily accessed. If you read or work in bed, buy a bedside table that has a cupboard to store your books, laptop, tablet, and associated cables. Think about integrating storage into a window seat so that you don’t need an additional chair and have easily accessible storage. Dressers or armoires need to be large enough to accommodate items like hairdryers, straighteners, and cosmetics unless you store these items in the bathroom.