Best Selling Crochet Items

Best Selling Crochet Items

Let me share to you the best selling crochet items at Craft Shows


1. Hats

- Sometimes the most simple and obvious answer is the best. Hats are always a popular cold weather option. They are practical, cute and make a great gifts! These are a go to item!


2. Scarves

- Just like hats, scarves are always a popular cold weather item. They never go out of style and they make great gifts! People love them.


3. Hat and Scarf Sets

- Around the holidays a lot of people are looking for matching hat and scarf sets. They are looking for a "well-rounded" gift for a friend or loved one. 


4. Headbands

- Similar to hats and beanies, headbands do really well at craft fairs. Chunky ones are cute for the winter and lightweight ones are even good sellers in Spring and Summer. 


5. Washcloths & Scrubbies

- Cotton items for any kind of cleaning or scrubbing are great items to have on hand. They are practical, reusable and make great gifts. They are also a great smaller item. 


6. Market Bags

- With the move away from plastic bags, reusable bags are extra practical. They are popular at fairs and markets where you can literally use them as soon as you buy them!