Are you looking for some father son activities?

Are you looking for some father son activities?

Here are some amazing ways for fathers and sons to spend time together and get in some bonding in the process:


Race RC cars

So. Much. Fun. And, there is a surprising amount to learn about RC car racing. You do not need to get the expensive cars and trucks and can start with something like this instead. Get two so they can race them together! They may find it to be an amazing hobby that they both enjoy.


Go to an arcade

It is fun to go and play some new games. Chuck E Cheese can be a good place to go if you have one in your area. Other local options can be found by Googling “arcade and (your home town).” I know people question whether kids learn from playing video games but I assure you that they do.


Tour your local parks

One year we went to all of the parks in our area. There were a surprising amount of them. Some were very small and others were huge. Some had historical markers and a bench, while others had incredible playground equipment.

Make a list and go check them out. You can bring snacks, drinks and some playground balls along and enjoy begin out and exploring what your area has to offer. Who knows, you may find a new favorite place to go.


Go on a road trip

Pack a lunch and take a road trip. Give your son a map and have him lead you to a destination.

Don’t worry if you get “lost,” just drive, talk, learn about maps and stop at places that look interesting. You never know where you might end up or what you will find.


Star gaze

We have a telescope but you can certainly use binoculars or even just gaze at the stars without equipment.

If you have to go away from the city lights to see better, it is worth doing. There is nothing like being out in the quiet of the night, hearing the night sounds and taking a look at the stars. Great conversations happen on these special evenings.