7 Smart Shelves Ideas to Display for Kids' Rooms

7 Smart Shelves Ideas to Display for Kids' Rooms

Shelves are an essential decorating for your kids' room. Whether you’re looking for creative wall décor for your nursery or additional storage for all your kids' stuff, a pretty and practical wall shelf is the perfect solution. They’re useful for storage but also for displaying decorations, collections and other things and they’re also excellent when you just want to put something on a blank wall.

Find the perfect shelves for your kids' space with these different shelves round up.

1. Lotsa Style Metal Wall Mount Floating Display Shelves
- Working with a cloud motif? Dress up a simple floating shelf by Lotsa Style Wall Mount Floating Shelves. Perfect for displaying collectibles, photo frames, vases, books, stuff toys, etc.

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2. Wall Mounted Crates
- Wooden boxes or crates offer lots of storage space and look fabulous mounted on the wall. Paint the inside of each box with a pastel color that your kids love!


3. DIY Industrial Shelving
- Create DIY industrial-inspired, wall-to-wall shelving unit for less.


4. Bucket Shelves
- What can you do with a 5-gallon bucket and a little imagination? Make cute, contemporary wall shelves of course!


5. Rain Gutter Book Shelves
- If you want a small reading corner, mount rain gutters to the wall to put the books. 


6. Tree Slice Shelves
- Add a little woodland theme to your kids' bedroom with these easy-to-make accent shelves. Simply cut a large, wooden tree slice in half, and mount with small brackets.


7. Box Frame Shelves
- Use old picture frames to dress up a simply constructed box shelf.


Most ideas are inspired by Pinterest.