6 Home Decor Projects You Can Make with Cricut Explore

6 Home Decor Projects You Can Make with Cricut Explore

Do you want to make some Cricut Projects? Or are you wondering what materials the Cricut can cut? Look no further! We have got you covered! 

I read the blog of Megan about the home decor projects you can make with Cricut Explore. One of her favorite, most-used, and most reliable tools in her crafting arsenal is Cricut Explore. Here are the ideas she shared with her blog.

Make Your Own Wall Decor

To add vinyl decals to our walls. From dots and dashes to animals and phrases, they are a quick, easy and completely removable solution! BUT…vinyl decals can also be expensive when bought from a shop or retailer, especially if you have a big wall to fill. When you can cut your own, you can dramatically change your room for the simple cost of a roll of vinyl or contact paper! 



Make Your Own Artwork

We are not yet in a place where we can invest in quality, statement artwork. But with lots of big and bland walls in our rentals, I am ALWAYS looking for cheap, easy and impactful ways to create my own art. Using a Cricut Explore allows me to get really clean, professional, and impactful results with minimal effort!



Make Your Own Typography Artwork

In addition to cutting out shapes and images, one of my all-time favorite ways to use my Cricut Explore is to make typography-style artwork. Anyone who has cut letters out of anything (paper, vinyl, fabric) knows how tedious and tough it can be! Being able to make clean and precise wording to me is worth the investment alone!



Embellish Your Home Decor Accessories

The die-cut machines available these days are now able to cut an array of materials from fabric to leather and everything in between. While I haven’t experimented with too many materials, I have been able to use my machine to embellish a variety of things around our home including pillows, vases, and furniture!





Make Your Own Stencils

I love being able to cut paper or vinyl into pretty much any shape for any surface; but sometimes, it’s better to paint on a label or decorative feature. Being able to cut any shape from freezer, stencil or adhesive papers allows me to make my own stencils for a variety of projects! While making and using stencils certainly takes some practice, it’s pretty awesome to be able to add any image, in any shape, size, and color to any project at any time!



Make Your Own Labels

Last but not least, most of you regular readers know that not only do I label almost everything in our home, but I most frequently make those labels with my Cricut Explore. From text labels to images, the software and the machine just make it TOO easy to quickly add a label to (almost) any surface! Here are just a few of the labels I’ve made with my Cricut Explore!