5 Ways to Maximize Your Kitchen Storage Using Wall Space

5 Ways to Maximize Your Kitchen Storage Using Wall Space

Take a brisk look around your kitchen. Are there any vacant dividers that aren't doing their fair share? In the event that your ledges are flooding and the drawers are overstuffed, however, your dividers are clear, it's an ideal opportunity to redesign. These kitchen divider stockpiling thoughts make additional room for everything from wine bottles, to cooking apparatuses, to mugs and dishes. Besides, the snappy structures will work flawlessly with your kitchen stylistic layout. Simply recollect: in case you're hanging anything substantial (like a pot rail), utilize a divider stud discoverer to find the most secure spot to connect it.


1) Wall-Hanging Wine Rack

Clear some cabinet space by stashing wine bottles in this wall-mounted rack instead. Made from metal and mango wood, this organizer will fit in any modern farmhouse or warm industrial style kitchen.


2) Mug Rack

Mug collection more expansive than your cabinet storage? Don't ditch your favorites, just invest in a wooden organizer that can hold up to 12 mugs, while making use of long-overlooked wall space.


3) Install a Peg Rail

A blank wall is a perfect spot to introduce one of my favorite organizers: a peg rail. Install this minimalist white peg rail, then add on the hanging shelf to hold spices and pantry staples.


4) Set Up an "Entertainment Station"

Or, turn that empty wall into a small-space alternative to a bar cart. Pair a hanging wine rack with this wall-mounted wine glass shelf. Ta-da! That boring wall is now the life of the party.


5) Brushed Copper Pot Rail

Free up precious cabinet space—and leave your go-to pots and pans where they're easy to grab—by installing a wall-hanging rack. This beauty comes in three sizes and two colors (choose from brushed copper or hammered steel) so it will fit kitchens of any size and style.