5 Ways To Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

5 Ways To Make Your Home Pet-Friendly

Although, allowing the pet run of your home doesn't necessarily mean you have to make sacrifices when it comes to cleanliness and style.

There are plenty of pet-friendly home design ideas to try, from durable furniture, low-maintenance floors, protective rugs, and pet furniture that suits your interior aesthetic, to help you live harmoniously with your pet and ensure your home remains clean, stylish and comfortable.


In the event that you are the sort of pet-proprietor who can't stand to disapprove of a snuggle on the love seat, a veritable cowhide couch will be your most noteworthy speculation. Calfskin is very sturdy, and it is anything but difficult to vacuum and clean with a moist material, cowhide conditioner, and seat cleanser. It might be vulnerable to a couple of minor scratches from hooks however this assistance to make patina, a lovely matured calfskin look. Make certain to put resources into a couch made of certifiable calfskin as pleather may piece and self-destruct; not exactly anticipating the extravagance feel that a cowhide couch ought to bring to your front room.



There's something wonderfully luxurious about silk and velvet, which is probably why our pets love to curl up on it. However, these fabrics are very delicate and difficult to clean so they are not likely to stand the test of time if you have a furry friend with sharp claws or muddy paws. When choosing room accessories such as cushions, throws, or rugs, opt for evenly-textured fabrics with a tight weave which will be more durable.
Canvas, denim, microfiber, or tight weave tweed are less likely to trap pet hair than a heavily textured fabric with a larger weave such as tweed or chenille which can also snag and tear more easily. Scratch marks can be buffed out of tight-weave fabrics fairly easily, and spills will bead on the surface – giving you time to catch them before they are absorbed.


Stressed over the inescapable can mishaps that will happen when you bring your new four-legged companion home? Stay away from an extravagant carpet and select something somewhat progressively pet-accommodating that can endure little mishaps, pet smells, and standard vacuuming. Warmth set polypropylene floor coverings and indoor/open-air mats are delicate, sturdy, non-shedding, and stain safe, settling on them an ideal decision for anybody with pets. The additional advantage of indoor/open-air floor coverings is that you can hose them down after any wrecks as they're made of reused plastic containers so they're thoroughly waterproof!

In the event that your pet does incidentally make a little wreckage on your floor covering or rug resist the urge to panic, odds are you can tidy it up and the remainder of your family will be oblivious; just smear the zone with a dry paper towel to assimilate the majority of the fluid, spot clean with warm water and mellow cleanser and afterward blotch it down once again to dry.



A built-in dog bath or shower is one of the best pet investments you can make. If like most of us, you haven't got room for a dedicated dog-friendly mudroom, you can also install one in your laundry.


There's nothing quite like a cuddle with your fluffy family member to brighten the day but you might not want them in bed with you or claiming the armchair as their own. If your pet has its own bit of furniture, they may be more drawn to nap there instead! Pet beds are a must in every household, but they don't have to look boring or misplaced. Look for a style which ties in beautifully with your decor! For example, if you have a wicker outdoor set, complement with a wicker dog bed, or if you have flair for opulence opt for a plush pet sofa.
Having pet-specific furniture and accessories is also a great way to distract your pet from destroying your beautiful human furniture; after every one of them, a frayed sofa-bed and scratched side table shout anything besides jazzy. A scratching post or climbing tree can stop your feline from testing its hooks on your fresh out of the box new couch. Stressed over it standing out in contrast to everything else? Settle on a shading that coordinates your stylistic theme and hide it in a discrete corner. Elastic or texture toys are another extraordinary method to urge your pets to bite on their own frill as opposed to your footstool legs... or on the other hand more terrible your pristine shoes!