5 Ways to Add Color to Your Home

5 Ways to Add Color to Your Home

Customize Your Furniture

  • An otherwise ordinary piece of furniture can be given a new lease on life with a quick lick of paint. You don’t have to go all out -- dipped legs and painted drawer fronts are all that’s needed to make an impact with this entryway console.


Layer In Color

  • If you’re fickle when it comes to favorite hues, you’d best layer in color as the mood takes you. Keep the base of your room neutral, and then introduce bold accent colors across accessories and textiles. This approach makes it easy to swap out pieces to quickly refresh the scheme.


Color-Match Your Style

  • If you find it hard to know how to mix different colors together, then try sticking to a simple palette of two hues. Here a simple blue and yellow scheme creates a fresh and modern look that allows you to add or subtract pieces as you discover new finds.


Add Quirky Touches

  • Using everyday objects, like a teapot, in an unusual setting is a great way to make a color statement. Try potting a houseplant in a patterned teapot or old jam jar for instant green-fingered style.


Invest in Bright Stationary

  • Color is known for its mood-enhancing and energizing qualities, so you’d be wise to consider introducing uplifting shades of yellow and blue to your stationery arsenal. It will make your work days brighter.