5 Ways on How to Have a Productive Morning

5 Ways on How to Have a Productive Morning

Each day I would get out of bed late in which I'm always cramming in the morning. Soon, I found myself tired already in the morning, forgetting my keys or my favorite lunch.

On that day I realized that I need to change my morning routine. I hated the fact that I was always forgetting something and was tired before I arrived at work, so I decided to make some changes on my morning routine and these changes have led me to enjoy mornings once again.

A poor morning experience will easily influence your mood for the rest of the day – and even your work performance. Here are the 5 ways and most-effective morning routine you could start doing in order to enjoy a happier morning experience.

1. Write a “Things To Do…” list before you go to bed. If you prefer, this can be a checklist or a to-do list, just gentle reminders for you to review before you walk out the door the next morning.

2 Pack your lunch the night before. This is a must! You can use the Lotsa Style Beeswax Food Wraps or Lotsa Style Silicone Food Storage Bag for your fruits or sandwiches that you will bring tomorrow. It is a perfect alternative to plastic wraps.  Saving the planet starts at home and with you. 

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3. Set the alarm on your cell phone to play your favorite song when it’s time to get up. Waking gently starts your day happier and more relaxed.

4. Before you get your coffee or take the shower, take 10 minutes to stretch your body and relax your mind. Learn a few yoga moves and incorporate meditation. Exercise and meditation stimulate the body and relax the mind.

5. Organize your exit hallway. I find it extremely helpful to keep a wall mount shelf next to the door that has all of my essentials. Just check the shelf before I leave to ensure I haven’t forgotten anything important, such as bills, keys, or important notes.