5 Virtual Thanksgiving Ideas for a Fun Holiday

5 Virtual Thanksgiving Ideas for a Fun Holiday

Thanksgiving will look a bit different than typical due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hosting virtual get-togethers is the new norm during these challenging times. Many video conferencing platforms are easy and simple to use. Some include Zoom, Skype, Facetime, etc. Scheduling a time that everyone can share a meal virtually can be a new experience that everyone can share and talk about for this year. 


Were you looking to have a virtual Thanksgiving with family and friends this year? We got you!!


  • Thanksgiving Recipe Swap

It may not be possible to visit Grandma's house this year, but that doesn't mean you can't get a taste and feel of her mouth-watering sweet potato pie! So get the whole family on board, swap your unique recipes, test them out at home, then set up a Zoom/Skype for the excellent taste test.


  • Virtual Thanksgiving Games

Who doesn't love a great game night? Make yours virtual Turkey Day-friendly with Thanksgiving games for kids that include everything from Mad Libs to I Spy. It can be easy to play from behind a screen.

You can even make a game out of these Thanksgiving trivia questions - you can search it on Google. The winner gets an e-gift card—or dibs on a sweet treat sent directly to their doorstep!


  • Send Thanksgiving packages

Mail or drop off gifts and supplies to help family and friends feel part of the fun. For example, since you can't gather around one table to split a pumpkin pie, maybe you and your child bake pumpkin muffins or cupcakes and drop them off on their doorsteps or make matching centrepieces for everyone to display on their holiday tables.


  • Try a Thanksgiving pot

Have all your family start this new process a few weeks before Thanksgiving. Each day, each person writes a letter, something they're grateful for, on a slip of paper and adds it to their family bowl. Then, during your Thanksgiving virtual event, take turns reading loudly.


  • Make Thanksgiving commitments 

It can be part of your virtual get-together or just a peaceful conversation with your child, to call it a day. What would your child like to discover, try, or do more of by Thanksgiving next year? It is an excellent way to remind us that we all have to look ahead to the other side of this challenging situation.


It's tough for everyone not to celebrate our favorite holiday cultures. But, during this pandemic, we can try new norm, quarantine-friendly plans to fill in for what we'll miss. It may even add a new purpose to your holiday.