5 Super Unique Scrapbook Ideas

5 Super Unique Scrapbook Ideas

Looking for creative scrapbook ideas? Help yourself to this list we’ve had so much fun rounding up, so you can make creative memories from this year’s photos and memorabilia!

DIY Scrapbook Ideas You Have to Try

1. Use Pressed Flowers

In the event that you would prefer not to make blossoms from paper, why not press genuine blossoms for your scrapbook designs?

You can utilize a level iron, blossom press, or even simply wax paper and a substantial weight. Squeezed blossoms will add an extra-uncommon touch to your scrapbook structure.

Note: Be very careful when handling pressed flowers as they are very fragile.


2. Use Tabs

Add some enjoyable to your scrapbook thoughts! Spare space and wow any individual who glances through it.

Use washi tape to stick photographs on a page, and make a smaller than normal flipbook inside the pages of your scrapbook. You can likewise make tabs on every photograph to include a little portrayal of it.


3. Paper Flowers

This is a staple in numerous scrapbook topics. Get some scrapbook paper and paper blossom punches to remove bloom shapes.

Make the same number of blossoms as you need. At that point, layer and paste the blossoms together, or puncture a gap in the middle and put a brad.

Make these delightful paper blossoms with the children.


4. The Pencil Eraser Design

They used it to design a tote bag but who said it won’t work in a scrapbook? Grab a thick heart template and lay it on the paper.

Then, dip the eraser into the paint, press it on the edge of the heart, all the way around the template. Make several prints until you are out of paint.


5. Chevron Pattern

Got some paper scraps? Try not to discard them. Make them helpful by transforming them into these lovable chevron design structures.

Just cut the designed paper into strips and portions, and line the paper pieces to make stripes on your scrapbook page. One of the most awesome scrapbook thoughts!