5 Stunning Resin Craft Ideas To Make

5 Stunning Resin Craft Ideas To Make

Resin is such a fun art form! Take a look at these stunning resin craft ideas to gain some inspiration.

1. Resin Combs

These are so pretty and make great gifts for girls! You can design them however you like! All you need is the resin, a proper mold, some pressed flowers, and gold foil flakes.

Definitely allow the resin to cure properly before using or packaging. The tines of the comb will be thin and you don’t want them moving or bending when it is used. A hard drying resin would be helpful for a project like this one.


2. Resin Earrings

These earrings are gorgeous and easy to make with pressed flowers! Earrings are known to sell well as they fall one of the top 5 categories on Etsy.

Not only that but handmade resin craft sales in general are on the rise! If you’re considering designing a jewelry collection there is no better time than now!


3. Resin Jewelry Boxes

Create your own unique jewelry boxes! I think these make such a unique gift that anyone would love to receive!

4. Resin Necklaces

Resin necklaces are so lovely and simple to make. Use an open bezel pendant along with some pressed flowers to achieve a spectacular design.


5. Resin Coasters

Create your own coasters! Add a theme or accent to any table top! Resin coasters are extremely popular in general. Many people make them to look like geodes with gold foil flakes.

They can be customized in so many ways to be unique.





All credit due to these awesome creators!