4 Simple Strategies to Make Letting Go of Clutter Easier

4 Simple Strategies to Make Letting Go of Clutter Easier

As an individual who's at any point endeavored to KonMari their homes can let you know, cleaning up isn't only a physical procedure, yet additionally a passionate excursion. While choosing which things to relinquish, certain possessions from our pasts will undoubtedly raise recollections and feelings. Relinquishing these things may understand help, however, it may likewise move sentiments of blame or trouble. Regardless of in case you're getting together after a muddled separation, rehearsing Swedish Death Cleaning, cleaning up your home during COVID-19 isolate, or simply doing some routine cleaning up, there are a few methodologies you can use to make cleaning up somewhat simpler.


Take a Photo

Oftentimes, we hang on to items that hold emotional meaning for us, but that is no longer serving us. Things like favorite outfits your kids have long outgrown might fall into this category. Try this simple trick: snap a photo of the item before you donate it. The photo will help carry on the memory and meaning of the item, without having to keep the object itself. This trick can help you let go of guilt while freeing up space in your home (sorry, just not in your camera roll).


Donate Rather Than Sell

The same study analyzed exactly how many items college students let go of as they were packing up their dorm rooms at the end of the school year. One group was told the items would be donated to a good cause, while the other group was told they would sell their items in exchange for cash. The results: people were more willing to let go of their belongings when they believed they were donated to someone in need.


Phone a Friend

If you never go shopping without getting a friend's trusted opinion, why would you declutter your closet by yourself? Whether it's a friend, a sibling, a cousin, or a roommate, recruit the help of someone you trust, who makes you feel good, and supports your decluttering journey. Then, in person or over video chat, let them help you decide what "sparks joy" from the mountain of clothes piled on your bed. Remember, it's ultimately your decision what to toss, but a friend can help you stay on track. Besides, who else is going to call you out on the fact that you haven't worn that floral dress in over a decade?


Deal with the Emotions

Especially when you're decluttering alongside a big life change, like the death of a family member, a cross-country move, a breakup, or during the COVID-19 pandemic, it's helpful to take time to deal with the emotions directly. Consider booking in-person or virtual therapy sessions, take time to meditate, talk to loved ones, and practice your favorite stress-relieving hobbies, such as yoga. After openly exploring the emotions that were holding you back from decluttering, you'll likely find it much easier to part with the items themselves.