5 Questions To Help You Decide What To Keep In Your Closet

5 Questions To Help You Decide What To Keep In Your Closet

The trickiest part of tidying up your bedroom closet is deciding what you will keep and what needs to go! Here are 5 questions to help you make decisions, plus ideas on what to do with the items you toss.

Questions To Ask Yourself:

Does it fit?

Chances are, you’ve already asked yourself this question and you know exactly if it fits or not. If you are hanging on to multiple items that are too small, too large, or just don’t fit properly, it’s time to let go!

Does it need tailoring?

You may have a lovely sweater in your closet that looks great on you, but you never wear it because a seam is torn. Or, maybe you have a great fitting pair of jeans that are way too long. Take time to mend and alter the items you love so that you can wear them again. If they are beyond repair, add them to the “toss” pile.

How do I feel about it?

Try on the clothes in your closet and ask yourself how you feel in each item. Does that floppy summer hat make you feel fashionable or silly? Does that dress make you feel elegant or uncomfortable? Keep the clothes that you feel great in!

How often do I wear it?

If you have a fancy dress that you wore only one time to a holiday work party ten years ago, that’s an easy one to let go! With each item in your closet, consider how often you wear it. If it’s only once a year, you might want to let that go as well.

Why did I buy it?

I bet you have clothes in your closet that you don’t love, but bought anyway because they were on sale! I am guilty of this myself; I can’t resist a good deal! So, if you are like me, you have several items that don’t fit properly, are unflattering, and you rarely wear. Don’t hold on to them just because they were on sale!


What to do with the clothes you decide to let go of:

Make some money:

For the clothes that are in good condition, but just aren’t right for you, you may be able to sell these items and make a little money. Take them to a consignment shop, or list them on the garage sale sites.


There are plenty of charities that will take your clothing donations. Search the nearest donation place in your area.


Some clothes will be beyond repair and in a condition that is too poor to even donate. Before you throw them out, take a minute to see if you can recycle them. We all know that old clothes can be cut up and made into rags. But, some clothes can be made into new, useful items or accessories! If it’s a shirt with a stain on the sleeve, could you re-purpose it into a tank top? A sweater can be into a hat, gloves, or a scarf! Jennifer of Jennifer Maker shares an amazing tutorial to show you how to re-purpose your old sweaters instead of throwing them out!

The quickest way to tidy your closet is to thin out the number of clothes and accessories you have. Hopefully, this list helped you decide what will stay and what will go and what to do with the items you decide to remove from your closet.