5 Photo Wall Ideas for your Room

5 Photo Wall Ideas for your Room

We all agree that the best way to remember your most important memories is by creating a photo wall collage in your bedroom.

Making a photo wall collage is SO cheap and easy, and there are tons of different styles to choose from!


1. Polaroids and a Mirror

You can upgrade your photo wall collage game by printing all your pics as polaroids, so they all stick to the same aesthetic and you create a cute and cohesive style. 
If you don’t want your wall to just be a plain wall full of photos, you can add a mirror to break the monotony and make it look even more beautiful. Plus, you can use it to take Instagram photos with a nice background! It’s a win-win.

2. Photo Grid and Fairy Lights

If you already own a rack you just have to place your photos on it and put some fairy lights around, it will create a nice effect and overall it will look more put together.

This looks better on your desk area, as you can combine your photos with art prints and other things that inspire you or motivate you to work. 


3. Hanging polaroids on Fairy Lights

This photo wall collage is by far my favorite idea! A great way to make pop your pics is by hanging them on fairy lights. When you turn them on by night, it will create a cozy and cute space for you to relax, watch a movie, or simply rest.


4. Heart-shaped Photo Wall Collage

A nice idea to make an original photo wall collage is creating a shape with your photos. A heart-shaped collage is so cute and is so easy to make, but make sure your photos are all the same size so it looks proportionate and symmetrical.


5. Memories Photo Wall Collage

This is a really nice idea if you want to create a specific area in your room to hang your photos. You just have to buy the 3D letters you need to create your word of choice.