5 Genius DIY Valentine’s Gifts

5 Genius DIY Valentine’s Gifts

Are you looking for the perfect DIY gift idea for Valentine’s Day this year?

From heartfelt to unique, these are the best DIY gifts that will show how much you care this Valentine’s Day.


1. Jar of Kisses

This is such a cute and simple DIY Valentine’s gift idea! All you need is a mason jar and a bag of Hershey’s Kisses. Then just add a notecard that says “Kisses for when I’m not around” and you’re done!


2. Open When Card

“Open when” cards are a thoughtful gift idea that is perfect for Valentine’s Day. You basically just write a series of letters for different scenarios… For example, “Open when you’re having a bad day” or “Open when you miss me.”


3. Date Night Ideas Jar

I love this creative gift idea! You just fill a mason jar with Popsicle sticks and write a different date idea on each one (you can also color code by date type, like outdoor dates, indoor dates, free dates, etc.) 


4. Valentine’s Day Snack Box

Who doesn’t love snacks?! This is a super cute DIY Valentine’s gift that is really easy to put together. You just need a box to fill with all the different snacks, and then create the labels to go along with each one. 


5. Reasons I Love You A-Z

Finally, here’s a thoughtful DIY Valentine’s gift that shows how much you care. For this one, you’ll just need 26 notecards and you write a reason why you love your significant partner from A-Z on each one. Your significant other is sure to appreciate this unique and heartfelt gift!