5 Easy DIY Mothers Day Crafts with Sticks

5 Easy DIY Mothers Day Crafts with Sticks

I’m sharing some Mothers Day crafts with sticks that will make wonderful gifts and keepsakes as well as Mothers Day cards that toddlers can make, perfect for ensuring a gorgeous handmade day full of awesome presents that will really mean something!

1. ‘Home is Where Mom is’ Popsicle Stick Craft

I’m sure we all agree that home is indeed where Mom is, and Crafty Morning has beautifully captured this thought with a craft! This is a very simple craft with a foam heart and some buttons; even a toddler can make it with some help!

2. Folding Craft Sticks Mothers Day Card

This is a fun and clever little craft from Danielle’s Place that Moms are sure to love! Jumbo size craft sticks work better for this, along with some bright permanent markers. Tie it up in a neat little bow and watch Mom smile as she unfurls her little one’s work!


3. Stenciled Desk Set with Popsicle Sticks

Want to really impress Mom this Mother’s Day? Make her this stylish looking desk set from Suzy’s Sitcom with matching photo frame and pen holder – all made with craft sticks! The tutorial is pretty detailed, and the stencils add a charm of their own.


4. Photo Frame Popsicle Stick Craft 

Not a fan of stencils? Doesn’t matter, you can still make a pretty craft for Mother’s Day using Washi Tape! This craft from Eighteen 25 shows you how you can make an assortment of photo frames with different patterns of Washi tape. Fix a magnet at the back and on it goes on the fridge!


5. Canvas Art

If Mom spends most of her time in a particular place, like her home office, then this Canvas Art from Plaid is perfect to brighten up her favorite place! This art is relatively simple to make, and it will always remind her of the special little flowers in her life!




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