5 DIY Boxes to Store Your Child's Toys

5 DIY Boxes to Store Your Child's Toys

These days, there are plenty of clever storage solutions to organize kids' toys and games. Rather than containers and canisters, why not consider a great toy box to hold the entirety of your youngster's most cherished belongings? A balance of charming and practical, a toy box is an immortal staple that will be at home in any youngster's room or den. What's more, it will mean even more to your youngster if it's worked with your own caring hands. Fortunately, a DIY toy box is an ideal venture for a fledgling carpenter—particularly with the assistance of these simple-to-follow, bit by bit controls.

DIY Toy Box with Casters

Take a basic wooden case to the following level by including vivid casters and a padded seat. This portable toy box makes it simpler for children to move their toys—and tidy up when they've finished playing.



DIY Vintage-Inspired Toy Box

This classic white toy box has a vintage feel thanks to curved edges and decorative face trim. Be sure to add toy box hinges to help protect tiny fingers.


DIY Industrial Toy Box

This DIY wood crate toy box features industrial hardware and fun star stencils for a unique look. Addicted 2 DIY's easy-to-follow tutorial includes step-by-step pictures to help make sure you're on the right track.


DIY Toy Box with Furry Seat

This useful toy box would be comfortable before a window in your kid's room. The quite botanical plan is finished off with a delicate, textured seat pad that your kid will love to.


DIY Chalkboard Toy Box

Personalize your little one's toy box with a decorative chalkboard label. Kids will love being able to draw their own doodles, too!