5 Creative Ideas for your Dream Shoe Closet

5 Creative Ideas for your Dream Shoe Closet

You may not have a fantasy walk-in closet, but with some creativity on your side, a dream shoe closet is not far off.

We found 5 creative ideas to organize and display your shoes no matter the size of your apartment or house. This is inspired by Pinterest.

1. Storing your shoes in boxes will not only lead to a more organized closet overall, but it will also ensure your shoes remains in good condition

Tip: For easy access, take a photo of the pair of shoes and tape it to the front of its box.


2. This colorful storage idea has “DIY expert” written all over it. Just grab wood crates at your local hardware store or make them yourself.

Tip: For a dimensional effect, try different-size boxes.


3. Lotsa Style's Shoe Storage Box Clear Stackable 3 pack is not just a storage box but a display box for you to proudly display all your valuable prized possessions at home. We challenge you to put your longest rubber shoes/sneakers or your tallest killer high heels!

Tip: Display your signature brand shoes to showcase it.

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4. If you tend to rotate between a few pairs of shoes, keep them in an open bookcase display by the door so you can quickly grab them on your way out.
Tip: Avoid clutter by assigning a maximum of two pairs to each cubbyhole.


5. If your shoe collection is worth showing off, take it out of the bedroom and into the living room. Note: This really only works if you have built-in shelving.

Tip: Incorporate household items into the mix to give the space some artistic flair.


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