4 Fall Crafts Your Kids Can Make

4 Fall Crafts Your Kids Can Make

Looking for a few fun, easy fall crafts for kids to try this year? Look no further! 

Your kids will love that their artwork is displayed as decor.


1) Egg Carton Turkeys

Save your leftover egg cartons! They'll come in handy someday when it comes to crafting with your kids—most notably in the case of these whimsical turkeys.


2) Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Plate Wreath

Paper plates, construction paper, and googly eyes are a tried-and-true recipe for crafting success. But that ultra-creative red balloon detail is what really stole our hearts.


3) Turkey Mason Jar

Lay out the supplies, offer just a bit of assistance, and watch as your kids' imaginations take flight. This Mason jar craft will bring out the best in them—and it could be another perfect gift for their teachers, should you choose to part with their masterpieces!


4) Watercolor Fall Leaf Wreath

This cute addition to your home decor can be hung in the fall and kept up even through Thanksgiving.