4 DIY Snow Globes That Are Completely Charming

4 DIY Snow Globes That Are Completely Charming

There is perhaps no piece of winter holiday décor that is more iconic than the snow globe. These timeless decorations make perfectly charming holiday mantel decorations, can be displayed as part of a merry Christmas centerpiece, and are ideal for giving as gifts. What's more, these DIY snow globes are easy to make at home, which means you don't have to shell out money at the store — plus, you get all of the fun of crafting.


1) Mason Jar Snow Globe

You can easily find everything you need for these mason jar snow globes at your local craft store. Use any figurines you'd like and give the project a charming wintry effect by threading small white balls onto the fishing line for the look of falling snow.


2) Recycled Snow Globe

This 15-minute project uses recycled beverage containers for a dose of environmental friendliness — and it’s cost-effective, too. Customize your craft with animals, a mini nativity scene, or any other festive details.


3) Woodsy Snow Globe

Whip up a set of these sweet, woodland-inspired snow globes to complement your rustic holiday decor. Fill each globe with miniature animals and objects, like squirrels and mushrooms, for a whimsical woodsy look.


4) Novelty Snow Globe

Sure, pine trees and presents might be popular motifs — but who says you can’t think outside the box? This project encourages creativity, filling globes with unusual items such as pineapples and donuts.


5) Disney's Frozen Snow Globe

These globes are filled with the likeness of Olaf, the snowman from the beloved movie, and make the perfect gifts to send home as party favors after your Christmas party or December birthday.