3 Tips You Didn’t Know You Can Use Facial Tissues

3 Tips You Didn’t Know You Can Use Facial Tissues

Most people choose facial tissues as a practical substitute for cloth napkins. Someone may prefer their decorative packaging and add them to their cozy interior. But you can prefer the stylish and retro vintage tissue box that will perfectly match your home decor. I'm talking about the Retro Vintage Leather Tissue Box from Lotsa Style.

1. Make your personalized candle
A decorative candle is a perfect gift for your BFF. You can decorate it, with your photos. You only need a larger candle, scotch tape, facial tissue, baking paper, and a hairdryer.

If you want to apply a photo on the candle, tape a facial tissue down with scotch tape on a paper and imprint any pattern you want. Cut out the picture from the facial tissue and carefully remove the bottom layer of the tissue. Then place the picture on the candle and wrap it in the baking paper so that it encircles it all. Hold the baking paper on the back firmly with one hand and with your other hand use the hairdryer until wet spots appear on the paper. The wax will start to melt, and the picture will merge with the candle. When all the parts of the tissue are merged with the picture, the gift for your BFF is ready!

2. Protection against falling eye shadows
We recommend this trick to the lovers of glittering eyeshadows. Before you start playing with your eyeshadows, put a facial tissue under your eye. It will catch all the fallouts that would otherwise color not only your eyelids.

3. Decorative cherry blossoms
If you want to experience cherry blossoms, just make your own. Prepare your basic tools – facial tissues, scissors, ruler, tree twigs and ribbon in the form of fake leaves.

First cut the ribbon to 12 cm long strips. Cut the facial tissues to be 6.5 x 7.5 cm. Create stacks of 5 pieces of cut tissues. Fold the stacks several times as if you were making a fan. Cut the center of the created stripe on both sides and tie with the ribbon so that it fits into the prepared cut-ins (see Pic.). Then just unfold the layers of the tissues and create a flower that you can tie to the twig.

If you have white tissues, color the flowers with pink (or other) chalk. Finally, put the twigs into a vase and enjoy a decorative result that you do not even need to water, yet it never wilts!


What are you waiting for? Try these now in your home.