3 Lotsa Style Storage Solutions for your Craft Room

3 Lotsa Style Storage Solutions for your Craft Room

When it comes to storage solutions, sometimes it’s necessary to think outside the box and come up with clever ways to keep everything neat and tidy. Whether you are using storage furniture, DIY storage or end up hacking existing products for your craft supplies. Inspiration is everywhere.

1) Stackable Storage Clear Box

Use Lotsa Style Stackable Storage Clear Box if you want to your vinyls and keep them dust free on one of these incredible storage boxes. The clear boxes makes it easy to find what you're looking for!


Photo by: @crazylegscrafting


2) Hanging Multi-Purpose Storage Bin

Use Lotsa Style Hanging Multi-Purpose Storage Bin if you want to have additional storage on your craft/trolley cart. Perfect to store your pens, mini planners and other craft/planner tools.

Photo by: @natashasplans


3) Magnetic Storage Shelf Organizer

Use Lotsa Style Magnetic Storage Shelf Organizer if you are looking for additional space. Suitable to hold your craft supplies when your cart is full. Perfectly fit to hold your Original Mini Trash Can.


Photo by: @craftpurge